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Jenny Olsen to feature in Man of Steel as new villain is unveiled

jenny-olsenUpcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel has had no shortage of rumours surrounding it, not least the speculation that it may feature a cameo from a certain caped crusader. What has been recently confirmed however is that the character of Jimmy Olsen will not feature, at least not as we know him.  According to IMDB, Rebecca Buller will be playing the part of Jenny Olsen. This doesn’t mean the movie database is correct however the trailer does show Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) fleeing chaos with Buller in tow (pictured).

Like with any change a movie makes from it source material, it’s met with the utmost scrutiny and no doubt Zack Snyder’s casting decisions will be no different. Let’s just hope rumours that Clark Kent will be without his trademark instant disguise remain just that.

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Throw away the remote: Films you always watch

There is a loose collection of films that fall that I call my always watch films. They are easily recognised as they all have the same effect. I always sit down and watch them no matter how many times I have seen them. They are almost comfort films. They hold no surprises as they are very familiar. In a lot of cases they may not even the best examples of their particular genre. It’s just that they make you identify with them in some way. You don’ even need to watch the whole thing. They are so familiar that you can tune in at any time and know exactly what is going on. The ending is unimportant. enjoy the trip. Continue reading “Throw away the remote: Films you always watch” »


Moviescramble tries not to touch anything while watching Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion.

Steven Soderbergh is one of modern cinema’s most interesting characters. Coming to international attention with the somewhat controversial Sex, Lies and videotape which won Soderbergh the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1990. What followed was acclaim for the film and the director the next year saw the film being nominated and in many cases winning awards all over the world. Having made his name and cemented his reputation the two decades following saw him create a wide variety of very different types of films. He moves from large-scale Hollywood fare such as Oceans Eleven to smaller more experimental, art house films like The Girlfriend experience. He attempts to avoid revisiting the same genre of film with the exception of the two Oceans sequels. These appear to have been made in order to gain finance for some of his more personal projects. Along the way he has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood including George Clooney, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts on several very successful projects. He has taken on film noir, Sci-Fi, the heist movie, Biography, Political drama, the revenge thriller and the legal drama to name a few. Now, with his 2011 major studio release, Contagion, he takes on the disaster movie.

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