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Now You See Me

Now-You-See-Me 1In recent years the movies have once again come around to the visual power of the magic trick. We have had a number of high-profile films covering the subject notably the historically based dramas The Illusionist and The Prestige. Hollywood has once again realised that a magic show and the big screen marry up really well. The latest of this type of film is the magic / heist movie Now You See Me. Continue reading “Now You See Me” »

Now You See Me

now you see me 1Just released is the new trailer for the magician heist spectacular Now You See Me. A group of illusionists named The Four Horsemen carry out daring bank raids as the climax of their stage show. Instead of keeping the loot they distribute it to their live audience. This attracts the attention of the FBI who are tasked with bring the gang to justice and find out just how they do it. Continue reading “Now You See Me” »

Marvel Avengers Assemble (2012)

The Avengers PosterCast your mind back to 2008 and arguably the best of the solo Marvel superhero movies, Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr nailed the character of Tony Stark and people began to believe that super hero films could be cool again. During the movie we were introduced to Agent Coulson and the people he worked for, Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, or S.H.I.E.L.D for short. The fanboys had a nice little chuckle to themselves at the nod to the bigger Marvel universe. And then came the little bit after the credits where Samuel L Jackson first appeared as Nick Fury and asks to speak to Tony Stark about something bigger. The fanboys had a full on nerdgasm.

Jump forward to present day and Marvel have brought the Hulk, Thor and Captain America to the silver screen as well as a second outing for Iron Man and introduced more characters in Hawkeye and Black Widow. Now they are all together in what must be one of the most eagerly anticipated cinematic events in years. Frankly, if the fanboy community went doolally at the post credit teaser on Iron Man, I fear lives may be in danger when they watch Marvel Avengers Assemble. Continue reading “Marvel Avengers Assemble (2012)” »