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Origin Of A Horror Icon – Part 3: Freddy Krueger *Contains Spoilers*

If your parents were as cool and hip irresponsible as mine, you were allowed to watch horror films from a young age. Donnie Darko told us infants can’t remember their infanthood however I have a clear recollection of watching Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy’s Revenge as well as the follow up Dream Warriors.

Though a little dated, the original concept remained frightening enough. Local child killer (yes killer, not paedophile) Freddy Kreuger escaped justice through a technicality that set him free. Not that the parents of Springwood stood for that as they took it upon themselves to form a lynch mob and burn Freddy alive. However, his thirst for revenge was so great, he came back from the dead and started killing the children where no one could protect them…in their dreams. Brilliant. Simple. Inevitably ruined. Continue reading “Origin Of A Horror Icon – Part 3: Freddy Krueger *Contains Spoilers*” »

Serve the public trust: Robocop and your childhood. (Contains mature content, discretion advised)

Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law” Three directives that Robocop lived by. There was a fourth one that was “Classified” which we learn prevents him from turning on any member of his masters at OCP. I was very young when I first saw Robocop and didn’t know what classified meant causing some confusion. It’s not until Robocop 3 that directive four is no longer classified, though by adding ninja androids and rocket packs, it’s safe to say that since the screenwriters weren’t paying attention to the plot why would the viewer?

Classified was indeed a big word for someone whose age hadn’t even reached double figures yet. Thankfully the plot of Robocop was pretty straightforward, good guy cop gets brutally murdered only to come back from the dead as a machine and exact his bloody revenge on the most horrendous bunch of baddies the eighties could produce. Children’s cartoons had their fair share of villains, however as much a bastard as Mumm-ra was he drew the line at blasting Liono’s hand off with a shotgun while Slithe and Jackalmen stood about pointing and laughing as our hero was slowly butchered.

The question dawned in my adult life as to why the hell I was watching Robocop at such at a young age anyway? Continue reading “Serve the public trust: Robocop and your childhood. (Contains mature content, discretion advised)” »