10 Movies to Watch in April

April is the month of the Easter Weekend, so expect blockbusters, action thrillers and of course, a Marvel Movie.  Here we take a look at 10 movies you should check out this April.

Child 44

Just released is the first trailer for Child 44, the new film from director Daniel Espinosa (Easy Money, Safe House). Adapted from the best selling novel by Tom Rob Smith, the film stars Tom Hardy, N...

The Drop

Much has been made of this film marking the last screen appearance of James Gandolfini prior to his untimely death last year. Instead of being memorable for his good performance, it will be best reme...

Prometheus (2012)

1979’s Alien is a bona fide classic of science fiction cinema and has spawned umpteen sequels, video games, comic books and other media and has since merged into the Predator¬†universe with the ...