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The Truman Show

Moviescramble reviews the 1998 classic comedy drama The Truman Show.

In these days of wall to wall reality TV shows it is difficult to remember a time when we were not subjected to the endless mindless programming that passes for entertainment. The Truman Show was made in 1998 pre-dating the phenomenon that was, and is, Big Brother. Following on from that success many other reality shows were commissioned until we reached a point where reality dramas like The Only Way is Essex receives a BAFTA in 2011. In 1998 The Truman Show seemed like some alternate earth and could not possibly come true.

This is the story of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey). Living in the idyllic seaside town of Seahaven, Truman is an ordinary man. He holds down a job as an insurance salesman and spends his time living in domestic bliss with his beautiful wife, Meryl (Laura Linney), and spending time hanging out with his best friend of many years, Marlon (Noah Emmerich). Everybody in the town knows him but he somehow seems disconnected from everyone. Strange things start happening around him; lights falling out of the sky, his car radio issuing instructions and the strange way his wife describes products in detail as if in a commercial. Truman lost his father in a boating accident when he was young and now has a deep fear of being on and crossing over water. Continue reading “The Truman Show” »