Captain America: Civil War

This is the one I have been waiting for. The first trailer for the forthcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War has just been released and it is everything that you could possibly hope for.

10 Movies to Watch in April

April is the month of the Easter Weekend, so expect blockbusters, action thrillers and of course, a Marvel Movie.  Here we take a look at 10 movies you should check out this April.
Chef-featured-Jon Favreau-Sofia-Vergara


There is always a big deal made when someone goes back to their roots, especially for people involved in the creative aspect of the movie industry. Jon Favreau is a case in point. Alongside Vince Vau...

New Releases for June

June is a bit of subdued month in terms of cinema releases. Last month heralded several blockbuster releases over the four week period with fierce competion for your hard earned cash. In contrast Jun...

Iron Man 3 gets a new trailer

A new trailer for Iron Man 3 has been released, and it’s looking very promising. We are treated to more footage of Ben Kingsley’s the Mandarin and exceptional set pieces that are much if ...

Marvel Avengers Assemble (2012)

Cast your mind back to 2008 and arguably the best of the solo Marvel superhero movies, Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr nailed the character of Tony Stark and people began to believe that super hero films ...