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RoboCop Featurette – Man And Machine

As part of the publicity leading up to the release of the remake of RoboCop the film studio released a number of short behind the scenes features. The Man and Machine two-part feature takes us behind the science of the main premise of the movie, how a man can interact and join with technology in order to become greater than the sum of the parts. With a series of soundbites from the cast and members of the scientific community we delve into the thin line between fact and fiction. Continue reading “RoboCop Featurette – Man And Machine” »


Joel Kinnaman;Gary OldmanRemakes/reboots/re…whatever you want to call them, are generally met with scepticism and keyboard sabre rattling. News that MGM would be resurrecting the RoboCop franchise was met with similar disdain. With Darren Aronofsky attached to direct, interest in the project piqued as quickly as it fell at the announcement that he had vacated the role. Award winning filmmaker Jose Padilha was then revealed as the man who would reintroduce the franchise to cinema goers but enthusiasm was low. Stars such as Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson got people curious but Padilha’s film was standing in the very big shadow of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 original. It was going to take something special for it to step out of the shade.

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New releases for February

January was a month for the Hollywood heavyweights however February also brings with it some award hopefuls, along with some good old fashioned popcorn fodder.

robocop-2014 featuredRoboCop (Released the 7th of February)

I’m not ashamed that I judged and derided this film before seeing a smidgen of footage. There are some films you shouldn’t remake and Paul VerHoeven’s RoboCop is high on that list. Nothing about the new version sounded promising. The violence would be toned down, Murphy doesn’t die, they give him a motorbike etc. Despite my initial rancour however I have to admit this looks pretty sweet and my fear has turned to excitement. However I also remember saying the same about Superman Returns and Iron Man 3 and, well we know how they turned out. A stellar cast in Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton adds a hefty weight to a film that’s mere premise melts fanboy brains causing the blood to pour from their ears. Even if the film is terrible there’s always a silver lining.  Continue reading “New releases for February” »

What To Look Forward To In 2014: Part 1

2014 is set to be a memorable year for cinema releases  with some major titles making an appearance. In part one of of our coverage, David lists his ten films to look forward to. Continue reading “What To Look Forward To In 2014: Part 1” »

RoboCop second trailer released

Ramping up the excitement for the remake takes the form of a second trailer for the RoboCop movie. This time around we get less of the origin story and more of the action sequences from the film. To be fair they look damn good and the trailer is made in such a way as to entice new fans into the cinema in a bid to revive the franchise.

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RoboCop remake gets a trailer

As far as remakes go, RoboCop has caused much controversy among fanboys. News that Officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) wouldn’t be killed this time round frowned a few brows as did the blasphemous PG-13 rating that it would aim for. The original classic which deals with existentialist discussion of the soul amid a blood drenched satirical view of consumerist media looked set to be repacked as a soulless, kid friendly Christmas toy.

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Serve the public trust: Robocop and your childhood. (Contains mature content, discretion advised)

Serve the public trust. Protect the innocent. Uphold the law” Three directives that Robocop lived by. There was a fourth one that was “Classified” which we learn prevents him from turning on any member of his masters at OCP. I was very young when I first saw Robocop and didn’t know what classified meant causing some confusion. It’s not until Robocop 3 that directive four is no longer classified, though by adding ninja androids and rocket packs, it’s safe to say that since the screenwriters weren’t paying attention to the plot why would the viewer?

Classified was indeed a big word for someone whose age hadn’t even reached double figures yet. Thankfully the plot of Robocop was pretty straightforward, good guy cop gets brutally murdered only to come back from the dead as a machine and exact his bloody revenge on the most horrendous bunch of baddies the eighties could produce. Children’s cartoons had their fair share of villains, however as much a bastard as Mumm-ra was he drew the line at blasting Liono’s hand off with a shotgun while Slithe and Jackalmen stood about pointing and laughing as our hero was slowly butchered.

The question dawned in my adult life as to why the hell I was watching Robocop at such at a young age anyway? Continue reading “Serve the public trust: Robocop and your childhood. (Contains mature content, discretion advised)” »