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Pacific Rim – WonderCon Footage

Remember all those Godzilla films you loved growing up? Guillermo del Toro is giving the giant battling monsters genre a post Transformers 21st Century upgrade with Pacific Rim. Although the new trailer was intended to be exclusive to WonderCon, demand convinced the good folks at Continue reading “Pacific Rim – WonderCon Footage” »


Who’s gonna drive you home?

Having missed seeing Drive at the cinema in 2011, I finally caught up with it this week on Blu Ray. Topping a few best of year lists and gaining a lot of love online, the omens for this were good. That is not always a good thing as expectations can lead to disappointment. In some cases the film is spoiled for the viewer as the product on-screen is not what they were expecting. With a quote on the poster of “A blood pumping thrill ride of a movie” you might expect a certain kind of film. A Fast and Furious type action flick springs to mind. If that what you’re looking for then indeed you aint gonna love this film. On the other hand if you know of the previous work of the director, Nicolas Winding Refn, then Drive is an intriguing prospect.

Refn is a Danish director whose reputation has been growing since his first feature, Pusher from 1996. The success and reputation gained lead  to two equally intense sequels.  His first English language film Bronson (2008) cemented his reputation as a visionary director.  He quickly followed this up with Valhalla Rising in 2009, a film that divided critics and audiences due to the lack of dialogue and story  coupled with extreme violence from a one-eyed Norse warrior. I have watched it twice now and I am still puzzled by parts of it. Having been sought out by Ryan Gosling, Drive marks Refn’s first  ‘American’ film in nearly ten years.

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