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In my impressionable teenage years I was exposed to the first round of the modern day action heroes. Starting with Arnie, Bruce and Sly more followed in the bulky shapes of Dolph, Jean-Claude, Chuck and a host of other lesser tough guys. What was missing from this mix was a female star to beat (up) the guys at their own game. Into the Arena came Cynthia Rothrock an all action bad ass martial arts fighter. Never really scaling the same heights of her male counterparts, Cynthia at least proved there was a market for her type of action hero. Since her, female action stars have been a bit thin on the ground with the only recent memorable mainstream performance coming from Gina Carano in the 2011 Steven Soderbergh thriller, Haywire. So it was a pleasant surprise to be recommended a short film called Rough-House featuring  a all action actor, Mandy Bhari in the lead role.  Continue reading “Rough-House” »

Loch Ness Film Festival 2012

“We were sick of our films getting rejected by festivals, so we thought, fuck it we’ll start our own.” William Doig and his son Andrew launched the Loch Ness Film Festival on September 2010, promoting filmmakers from all over the world with the focus on Scottish talent. It’s reputation has grown over the last three years as it strives to cement itself as the film festival for independent film-makers. The focus is on Scottish filmmakers, however everyone is welcome. The Doigs have put up as few barriers as possible to ensure everyone gets a fair crack at getting their film shown and Moviescramble was there to witness the action.

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