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Man on a Ledge

man on a ledge 4The caper film is a well established genre with some notable and entertaining entries released in the recent past. The success of the Oceans trilogy (well eleven and thirteen at least) is a good example of films, if done well, show there is still some mileage in the Genre. Of course if the subject is tackled carelessly and with little respect for the audience the finished product ends up like Oceans 12. The latest film in this genre is the 2012 film Man on a Ledge from director Asger Leth and writer Pablo F. Fenjves. Continue reading “Man on a Ledge” »

The Debt

Every action has a reaction. It may not be immediate and it may not be apparent, but it will happen and the consequences of the action can be far reaching.  This forms the basic premise for the 2011 film The Debt.

Three young Mossad agents Rachel, Stephen and David (Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas and Sam Worthington) are sent to Soviet East Berlin in 1965 to track down and return to Israel with a Nazi war criminal, Doctor Bernhardt. Despite careful planning and execution the operation hits a snag. They must hold onto the Nazi until another opportunity to escape East Berlin. After some time the old Nazi tries to escape and is apparently killed by Rachel. Continue reading “The Debt” »