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her-joaquin-phoenixThe interaction between human and machine has fascinated film makers since the birth of cinema in the late nineteenth century. How we use and adapt to an artificial intelligence has informed a wide variety of movies from the Sci-Fi of Forbidden Planet, thrillers such as War Games, cerebral dramas like 2001: A Space Odyssey and of course Fritz Lang’s silent masterpiece, Metropolis. Director Spike Jonze has taken inspiration from the films of the past in the construction of his new film, Her. Continue reading “Her” »


From the page to the screen can be a very difficult and trying transition. A novel can be a complex beast with a number of them deemed  un-filmable. It takes a skilled hand to strip down a novel to its core and building a screenplay that carries forward the essence of the story without getting too bogged own in the minutiae of sub plots and peripheral characters. When it came to adapt the Don Delillo novel Cosmopolis for the screen the ideal choice for the job appeared to be David Cronenburg. He had a track record of producing films from difficult novels such as Crash and Naked Lunch. Would his touch elude him this time  or maintain his reputation as the go to man for difficult films. Continue reading “Cosmopolis” »

The Messenger

Before the 2012 psycho cop drama Rampart (reviewed here) Oren Moverman debuted in the directors chair with the military drama, The Messenger.

Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery (Ben Foster) has returned home from a tour of duty in Iraq. He was seriously injured and has returned to the US to recuperate and see out the last few months of his enlistment.  He is assigned to Casualty notification team alongside Captain Tony Stone (Woody Harrelson). Having no background and no training in dealing with delivering bad news to relatives of soldiers, Will is severely conflicted. He feels that he can not perform the duties laid out before him. It doesn’t help that his personal life is a car wreck. Continue reading “The Messenger” »