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How much is a life worth? $70,000. No more, no less.

Under the Second Chance Cinema banner, Moviescramble re-assesses the 1999 Mel Gibson film Payback.

In 1999 Mel Gibson was still at the top of his game. The Lethal Weapon series had just reached number four although as the series continued the quality of product dipped dramatically. That is another story for another article!! His future fame as a misogynistic, Jew hating drunk was still some way off. In terms of his output, Payback is somewhat overlooked. It is in fact one of the best Mel Gibson films out there.

The film is the second adaptation of the Richards Stark novel ‘The Hunter’. The first was the 1967 John Boorman classic Point Blank starring Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson. So Payback has a rather a large act to follow. The question that is asked is Can Mel pull it off?

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Rambo and Lando on the hunt for Roy Batty!!!

Second Chance Cinema reviews another overlooked classic film. This time the 1981 thriller Nighthawks starring Sylvester Stallone, Billy Dee Williams and Rutger Hauer comes under the Moviescramble spotlight.

The story is split in the beginning. The two New York Police detectives DaSilva and Fox are introduced (Stallone and Williams) in an undercover operation to arrest street muggers. After a well paced chase sequence the mugger is apprehended by DaSilva who is the bait in the operation. He makes quite the fetching sight, kitted out as a woman with sensible shoes on.  At the same time we are introduced to the ideological terrorist Wulfgar (Hauer) as he sets off a bomb in a department store in London. He is pursued by the Police and has to move his operation to New York via a stop off in Paris for some minor cosmetic surgery as the authorities now have his photograph. In New york an anti terrorist task force is being set up and DaSilva and Fox are transferred over. Reluctant at first, not really seeing the point of the task force the point is driven home during the training by the instructor and when Wolfgar strikes in New York for the first time. Now it s a game of cat and mouse with DaSilva and Fox using their local knowledge to try to find Wulfgar before he strikes again. Continue reading “Nighthawks” »

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At Second chance Cinema moviescramble aims to discuss the movies that for whatever reason do not receive the recognition that they deserve. We are not just talking about the obscure, and unseen but also films with major stars and sometimes made by well respected directors and crew. To begin with moviescramble will be working through its own list but we would welcome suggestions. Language is not a constraint. We don’t mind reading and watching at the same time.