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Movie Podcasts review part 1: UK podcasts

There are dozens of sites out there providing the internet with movie themed podcasts. Too many to listen to with so little time available. I have created a list, in no particular order, of the ones that I listen to on a regular basis. The list is obviously not a best of the net list as I haven’t the time to investigate very far. Most of the podcasts came to my attention through web site recommendations, iTunes reviews and recommendations from other podcasts. All of the mentioned podcasts can be found on iTunes or via the links below.

Film weekly from the Guardian newspaper is hosted weekly from London by the journalist Jason Solomons. In its 45 minute format it generally features a couple of  interviews with a film maker, film star of other significant film name. There is a review section where Jason is joined by another Guardian journalist, usually Xan Brooks, to review the pick of the weeks releases. It is very informative with the obvious enthusiasm Jason has for cinema shines through. Most of the major European film festivals are covered by Jason with insights on the red carpet events and anything of note. Continue reading “Movie Podcasts review part 1: UK podcasts” »