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endtrip 1 The visualisation of an overdose is something that has been portrayed a number of times on the cinema screen. One of the most memorable for me was the scene in trainspotting where Renton sinks into the floor as he has one hit too many. It is a difficult idea to pull off successfully as the film maker can only use the tools at hand, their imagination and experiences primary among them.  Continue reading “Endtrip” »

Paddington heads to the big screen

Just announced is the big screen debut for everybody’s favourite illegal immigrant, Paddington Bear. The furry adventurer in the rain hat and duffel coat will be the star of a live action / CGI film to be released in November 2014.  Based on the stories by Michael Bond the cast is being led by Colin Firth who will provide the voice of the heroic bear. Joining him will be Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown the head of the family that adopts Paddington after he is found wandering in the train station that gives him his name. Continue reading “Paddington heads to the big screen” »


paperman 2Occasionally a piece of cinema comes along that reminds just why you fell in love with it in the first place. These moments are the reason why you watch all sorts of rubbish in the hope that it may have just one redeeming sequence to bring home to you just how powerful a medium cinema actually is. One recent moment for me was the viewing of the 2012 animated short from the Disney animation studios, Paperman. Continue reading “Paperman” »

El Vendedor de Humo

el vendedor 1Short films, especially animated ones, are often used as calling cards to highlight and promote the talents of the film makers. The best are often chock full of ideas and totally meticulous in their construction and execution. To reach as wide an audience as possible they should be accessible and entertaining. One recent example of this is the 2012 animated short El vendedor de Humo (The smoke seller). Continue reading “El Vendedor de Humo” »

January Round Up

January has been a really busy month. Although I have managed to squeeze a lot of new releases into my schedule, unfortunately I’ve not had the time to review them (woe is me). Nevertheless I’ve decided to round up what I saw in the cinema in January.

Texas Chainsaw 3D


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is one of the most iconic horror franchises in cinema. Kicking off with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 1974, three sequels followed before it was inevitably remade in 2003, the remake then spawning a prequel in 2006. 2013 sees its first foray into 3D and you know it isn’t that bad…for the first 5 minutes at least. Continuing right after where the original left off, a lynch mob burn down the Sawyer family’s farmhouse with all of them inside. Finding a baby has survived, one of the mob adopt it only for her to grow up into Alexandra Daddario suggesting that she may not be a blood relative of her cousin Leatherface. Continue reading “January Round Up” »

The Chase

For a while now I have been thinking about reviewing short films on moviescramble. They are the ideal medium for aspiring film makers. It can be used as a show-reel for new talents and display new techniques and technologies.  Within a limited time the short film has to be able to convey as much information as possible, be comprehensible and most of all entertaining.  The first short film to be reviewed here is the 2012 animation short, The Chase.

In its thirteen-minute run time, The Chase tells the tale of a contract hit that goes wrong . The hit man is in place when he receives a call cancelling the job. The intended victim, a scary looking dude, is on to him and the hit man must make good his escape. A daring roof top jaunt ends badly with the hit man face to face with the scary dude. The dude has a briefcase in his hand. This has aroused the interest of two passing  hoodlums who see a chance of some easy pickings. Violence ensues. Continue reading “The Chase” »