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Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

Mandela-Long-Walk-to-Freedom-Idris-ElbaAs if the subject of the film didn’t have enough weight, the premiere of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom at the 2013 London Film Festival took on extra significance when it was reported that Nelson Mandela had passed away. It was left to Idris Elba and the producer of the film to take to the stage after the screening to inform the audience. In a way it was a fitting and unique end to what was a remarkable life. Continue reading “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom” »

Dallas Buyers Club

dallas-buyers-club-matthew-mcconaugheyAt the peak of the AIDS crisis in 1980s America, fear and myths spread faster and further than the disease itself. Ignorance led to statements that it was a purely homosexual epidemic, or that you could contract it from touching someone who had HIV/AIDS. Anyone who had the disease was stigmatised and shunned. That’s why when Ron Woodroof, serial womaniser, rodeo rider, full of Southern machismo, was diagnosed with a very advanced case of the illness, he had no idea that it could happen to “someone like him”. Continue reading “Dallas Buyers Club” »

The Invisible Woman trailer

Fresh from its UK debut at the London Film Festival comes the first trailer for the forthcoming story of the private life of Charles Dickens. At the time Dickens was the most famous writer in the world. He had a huge readership that hung on his every word, written or oral. What was not revealed about him was that for the thirteen years prior to his death he was involved in an extra marital relationship with a much younger woman. This secret affair is the subject of the film The Invisible Woman. Continue reading “The Invisible Woman trailer” »

The Railway Man Trailer

Fresh from its premiere at last months Toronto International film festival the trailer for the new drama The Railway Man has been released. Based on a true story, the film deals with the experiences of Eric Lomax who has the chance to face his former captors while interred during the second world war. He has the opportunity to expunge some of the demons that have haunted him since those extraordinary times and give him some form of closure. Continue reading “The Railway Man Trailer” »


lovelace 2So, let’s just get the obvious out of the way. Any film based around the porn industry and set in the 1970’s is going to run head first into a comparison with Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights and it will probably come as no surprise to learn that this is nowhere near as good. However, there is still a lot to like about this biopic of the infamous adult movie star Linda Lovelace.

While the film eases itself in with nods to the era by way of roller-discos, Johnny Carson on the television and questionable fashion, a change of pace midway through reveals the directors intention to channel ‘ What’s Love Got to Do With It’, the 1993 film about Ike and Tina Turner. There are parallels between the working and personal relationships shared by both couples which were ruled by the bullying male played off against the resistant female. In Lovelace, both lead actors are very good while working with roles than are one dimensional. Peter Sarsgaard plays Lovelace’s husband, Chuck Traynor, her vindictive husband when at his best, a sadist and pimp when at his worst.  Amanda Siegfried plays the title character, a damaged individual looking to be taken care of but instead finding control and exploitation. Continue reading “Lovelace” »

Behind The Candelabra

Behind The CandelabraThe cult of celebrity appears to be dying. We are now at the stage where fame hungry individuals now have a lot less than the prophesied fifteen minutes of fame. Through the swamp of reality television programmes and twenty-four seven gossip web sites the allure and mystique of performers is now lost. This is one reason why film makers look to the past for their inspiration and the possibility of finding a story that has not yet been told. Continue reading “Behind The Candelabra” »

Pancrazio // Shoemaker

pancrazio 1It is feat of imagination in the way that a film maker can take what appears to be the most mundane and repetitive of subjects and makes you view it from a completely different angle. For the subject of his newest short film Nicola De Prato has chosen the humble shoe repairer and turned his job into something rather unique. Continue reading “Pancrazio // Shoemaker” »

Behind the Candelabra

Normally a new biopic of a long dead flamboyant entertainer would be dismissed as just another excuse for a cheesy, glossy delve into the past with little in the way of substance. Not in this case. There are more than a few reasons to sit up and take notice of Behind the Candelabra. This is reportedly the last film from Steven Soderbergh before he ‘quits’ the movie business. That aside any project with his name attached is always of interest.

The film is based on the autobiography of  Scott Thorson who lived and worked with Liberace for five years during his late Las Vegas period. Michael Douglas is almost unrecognisable as the world-famous performer. Matt Damon replete with a blond seventies style hairdo takes on the role of Scott. With more than able support from Dan Aykroyd, Debbie Reynolds and Rob Lowe this looks like it will be a fitting swan song for Soderbergh.

Behind the Candelabra premieres at this years Cannes film festival, is aired in the US on 26th May and hits the UK cinemas on 14th June

The Iron Lady (2011)

IronLadyCoverMeryl Streep was awarded an Oscar for her performance as Margaret Thatcher, and on watching The Iron Lady it is clear why.

Her take on the formidable first female British Prime Minister is nothing short of brilliant. I’m not talking about portraying her just in the heyday of her parliamentary strength, but especially as the frail, failing old woman “MT” became.

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rush 2Just released is the first trailer for the forthcoming Formula 1 racing biography Rush. Based on the true story of the rivalry between British driver James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda. During the golden age of Formula 1 racing in the Nineteen Seventies the races were often defined by the intense and dangerous duels between the two drivers. The rivalry came to a head during the 1976 season when both men went all out to secure the world championship. Continue reading “Rush” »