The Girl On The Train

Adaptations of literature for the screen are always a risky proposition. This is especially the case for books that have become classics or contemporary best sellers. The fans expect a certain amount...

Mob Handed – Trailer

Next month sees the release of Mob Handed, a British movie starring Leslie Grantham, Chris Ellison, Danniella Westbrook, Lysette Anthony, Yvette Rowland & Robin Reid – with a Voice Over by ...

The Accountant – First Trailer

Just arrived is the first trailer for the new Ben Affleck film, The Accountant. After his impressive turn as the bat, Affleck returns to less controversial material (in terms of fan boys at least). H...

That Demon Within

Dante Lam’s 2014 That Demon Within made its way to the 2016 Glasgow Film Festival. A gripping crime thriller that pulls no punches in its violent shoot outs and duplicitous protagonist.

Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy is a film that totally caught me off guard. I did not know anything about it beforehand, which was a bonus. As I’ve noted before that there is far more to enjoy in a film when t...


Michael Mann can be a polarizing director. He is regarded by many as a film maker of great scope and invention. There are others who are turned off by his body of work, especially some of his recent ...

The Treatment

The rise of the modern noir seems to be going from strength to strength. On the back of the success of some very dark television and cinema dramas coming from the Nordic countries, the rest of Europe...


In a lot of ways the subject of memory is the perfect medium for film. Memory defines us as people and gives us our sense of who we are and how we regard those around us. Taking this away from someon...

The Rise Of The Krays

In movies imitation has always been seen as the most sincere form of flattery. It’s also a way for lesser movies to make a cash grab off the back of a bigger name release. After the announcemen...

Good People

A lot of actors try to maintain a balance between working for studios and working with independent film makers. For some one helps to offset the other in terms of salary. James Franco is such an acto...