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A Single Shot

The accidental shooting of a young girl by a hunter starts off a series of events that you know will only lead to misery, heartache and probably a large dose of violence. Any film that boasts Sam Rockwell in a starring role is something to take notice of. An actor of immense range and a major talent, Rockwell’s lack of superstar status is an ongoing source of puzzlement.  Alongside Rockwell we get a stellar support cast including Jason Isaacs, William H Macy, Ted Levine and Kelly Reilly.

From Director David M Rosenthal and writer Matthew F Jones comes a tense and interesting thriller. With a unique rural look and intense performances the film could be something of a surprise hit.

A single shot is released on 20th September.

The Iceman

This summer Michael Shannon will be immortalised in Man of Steel when he battles Superman as the villainous General Zod. Before then though we will be treated to him playing a more true to life bad guy in Ariel Vorman’s The Iceman.

Based on a true story, the film tells the story of notorious Mafia hitman Richard Kuklinsk (Shannon). Responsible for the deaths of at least Continue reading “The Iceman” »

Whatever Happened to Harry Fish?

tumblr_mm4b0utIZr1r7lfooo1_400Whatever Happened to Harry Fish might not be the most terrifying name for a horror film, however from what footage we’ve seen, it’s certainly hitting all the right notes for the genre.

The film tells the story of Harry Fish, an insomniac who is tormented by an evil spirit. Harry’s sanity starts to spiral downwards as he attempts to understand why the ghost is haunting him, discovering some sinister home truths of his own.

“I am a massive Horror fan,” director Gary J Hewitt tells us. “Not the Continue reading “Whatever Happened to Harry Fish?” »

Trance (2013)


If Danny Boyle was a household name prior to 2012, his Olympic opening ceremony ensured that anyone with a TV would have the man’s name etched into their soul for eternity. Let’s be honest, it was a spectacular event that even managed to unite the UK’s brooding neighbours in a patriotic defiance. It was pure theatre and a majestic follow up to his National Theatre produced adaptation of Frankenstein. In amongst all this, it would be easy to forget that Boyle is filmmaker, responsible for cult classics like Trainspotting and the Oscar bothering Slumdog Millionaire, it’s fair to say that his latest film always comes with high expectations. With Trance, his first film since 2010′s 127 Hours, the british director has only himself to blame for setting the bar so high.

Simon (James McAvoy) is a fine arts Continue reading “Trance (2013)” »

January Round Up

January has been a really busy month. Although I have managed to squeeze a lot of new releases into my schedule, unfortunately I’ve not had the time to review them (woe is me). Nevertheless I’ve decided to round up what I saw in the cinema in January.

Texas Chainsaw 3D


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is one of the most iconic horror franchises in cinema. Kicking off with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 1974, three sequels followed before it was inevitably remade in 2003, the remake then spawning a prequel in 2006. 2013 sees its first foray into 3D and you know it isn’t that bad…for the first 5 minutes at least. Continuing right after where the original left off, a lynch mob burn down the Sawyer family’s farmhouse with all of them inside. Finding a baby has survived, one of the mob adopt it only for her to grow up into Alexandra Daddario suggesting that she may not be a blood relative of her cousin Leatherface. Continue reading “January Round Up” »

Jack Reacher

Jack reacher 1Expectation can be a dangerous thing. Especially when it’s fans of books about to see a long held hero brought to life on the silver screen. When it was announced that the Jack Reacher books would be adapted the initial excitement turned into howls of anguish as it became apparent that Tom Cruise’s production company was involved and the title role would be filled by Tom himself. The issue for most fans of the book was that Reacher is described as six-foot five and built like a brick outhouse. Tom Cruise on the other hand is about five and a half feet tall and doesn’t have the same imposing physical presence. The issue was put to bed for most of the fans when the book’s author, Lee Child, gave his opinion. He said that with any other (taller) actor you would get one hundred percent of height and ninety percent of the character but with Tom Cruise you get ninety percent of the height but one hundred percent of the character. While being generous with the estimation of Cruise’s dimensions Mr Child hits the nail on the head. The film is an interpretation and the core of that is a totally committed characterisation. Continue reading “Jack Reacher” »