Hollywood is a strange beast that appears to be driven purely by the need to generate profit. This is no more evident than with the policy of remaking non English language movies for audiences that a...

Grand Piano

To base a thriller around a classical concert is a bold move. Let’s face it, there is only so much to see within an auditorium as the orchestra play and the story unfolds. It needs to be someth...

Blackhat trailer

The first trailer for the new Michael Mann film Blackhat is now online. The title, for the non IT folk out there, refers to a hacker who carries out his actions for bad rather than good. It comes fro...

The Maze Runner

This week sees the release of the film that 20th Century Fox hopes to turn into the next young adult mega franchise. In the last year, we have had the second installment of the Hunger Games and the f...
most wanted-yellow

A Most Wanted Man

On paper, A Most Wanted Man, should have been a perfect night out at the cinema. A thriller, starring the tremendous Phillip Seymour Hoffman, directed by Anton Corbijn and based on a John Le Carré no...


Today’s cinema is littered with found footage movies. It seems that almost every month a new example of the genre hits the screen. It has become so prevalent that audiences (and me) are startin...
Constantine - featured

Constantine preview unveiled at Comic-Con

For many the abiding image when you mention the name Constantine is the poorly received (but still pretty good IMHO) movie starring Keanu Reeves. It was going to take something special when the a tel...

Deep Shock

Billed as a tribute to the Italian film genre of Giallo, Deep Shock will be the fifth film by Italian director Davide Melini.
a single shot featured

A Single Shot

The accidental shooting of a young girl by a hunter starts off a series of events that you know will only lead to misery, heartache and probably a large dose of violence. Any film that boasts Sam Roc...