Deep Shock

Billed as a tribute to the Italian film genre of Giallo, Deep Shock will be the fifth film by Italian director Davide Melini.
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A Single Shot

The accidental shooting of a young girl by a hunter starts off a series of events that you know will only lead to misery, heartache and probably a large dose of violence. Any film that boasts Sam Roc...
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The Iceman

This summer Michael Shannon will be immortalised in Man of Steel when he battles Superman as the villainous General Zod. Before then though we will be treated to him playing a more true to life bad g...

Whatever Happened to Harry Fish?

Whatever Happened to Harry Fish might not be the most terrifying name for a horror film, however from what footage we’ve seen, it’s certainly hitting all the right notes for the genre. Th...

Trance (2013)

If Danny Boyle was a household name prior to 2012, his Olympic opening ceremony ensured that anyone with a TV would have the man’s name etched into their soul for eternity. Let’s be hon...

January Round Up

January has been a really busy month. Although I have managed to squeeze a lot of new releases into my schedule, unfortunately I’ve not had the time to review them (woe is me). Nevertheless I&#...

Jack Reacher

Expectation can be a dangerous thing. Especially when it’s fans of books about to see a long held hero brought to life on the silver screen. When it was announced that the Jack Reacher books wo...