Pay The Ghost

You have to feel for Nicolas Cage fans. He is an actor who is immensely talented and watchable. The only problem is that you never know just what the movie will be like. No two films ever have consis...

We Are Still Here

The horror movie We Are Still Here is a little bit of a throwback to another era. It has the look and feels of a film from the Nineteen Seventies. For those not familiar with the type of film it is t...

Cube due for a remake

Cult classic, Cube, is set for a remake almost 20 years after it was first released. With Lionsgate at the helm and Roy Lee (The Lego Movie) and Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) down as producers, it looks l...

Deep Shock

Billed as a tribute to the Italian film genre of Giallo, Deep Shock will be the fifth film by Italian director Davide Melini.

You are Going to Die.

When working with a lack of budget it’s best to keep things simple. There is no point in writing an immense galactic battle when it’s going to look like Space Invaders come the edit. Director Cameron...

The Jacket

Horror is a familiar genre for the short filmmaker. At the festivals I’ve attended I’m guaranteed to be greeted with as much effort to scare me as there are attempts to make me laugh. The Saw franchi...