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Origin of a Horror Icon – Part 1: Jason Voorhees *Contains Spoilers*

If Hollywood has taught us anything, is that it likes
sequels/reboots/remakes/reimaginings; basically anything that doesn’t involve an original idea. For every Inception we’re blessed with, we’re subjected to a weekly Saw or Paranomal Activity. Not that all of the above are necessarily bad things. The Dark Knight was a sequel spawned off the back of a reboot, though this should not give Michael Bay any more “great” ideas.

Basically Hollywood doesn’t know when to say stop when the cash is flowing, and in doing so has managed to ruin many a great character by their constant toying with them. None more so than the movie maniac!

What makes these villains so great is they have unexplained supernatural power. This is a film after all, plausibility can sit nicely away from me if the genre fits. Unfortunately most franchises get to the point where the writer feels it’s time to explain what it is that makes these monsters in the first place.
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You are Going to Die.

vlcsnap-2013-07-27-11h37m18s19When working with a lack of budget it’s best to keep things simple. There is no point in writing an immense galactic battle when it’s going to look like Space Invaders come the edit. Director Cameron Richardson keeps things simple in You Are Going to Die, however that doesn’t prevent him from being clever.

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The Jacket

imagesHorror is a familiar genre for the short filmmaker. At the festivals I’ve attended I’m guaranteed to be greeted with as much effort to scare me as there are attempts to make me laugh. The Saw franchise was based on a short film which proved how much potential can lie within the medium. The Jacket was one of those films that felt that there could be more to it if expanded upon.

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