Pacific Rim 2 Screenplay Underway

During the publicity for the DVD and Blu Ray release of the summer blockbuster Pacific Rim, director Guillermo Del Toro has confirmed that he is working on the script for the sequel. Even before the film was released he had let slip that further stories were there to be told. Del Toro has stated that he has been developing a script with Travis Beecham, the screen writer of the first film, even though the film has not been given the go ahead by the movie studio.

The first film, while not the biggest hit of the summer months, did manage to make over four hundred million dollars at the world wide box office. It wasn’t a resounding critical success with several critics bemoaning the simplistic dialogue, the weak story and the national stereotypes. For others, including myself, the film delivered on its promise of giant robots fighting with alien monsters. What’s not to like?

Pacific Rim is released on Blu Ray and DVD in the UK on November 11th

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