The Chase

For a while now I have been thinking about reviewing short films on moviescramble. They are the ideal medium for aspiring film makers. It can be used as a show-reel for new talents and display new techniques and technologies.  Within a limited time the short film has to be able to convey as much information as possible, be comprehensible and most of all entertaining.  The first short film to be reviewed here is the 2012 animation short, The Chase.

In its thirteen-minute run time, The Chase tells the tale of a contract hit that goes wrong . The hit man is in place when he receives a call cancelling the job. The intended victim, a scary looking dude, is on to him and the hit man must make good his escape. A daring roof top jaunt ends badly with the hit man face to face with the scary dude. The dude has a briefcase in his hand. This has aroused the interest of two passing  hoodlums who see a chance of some easy pickings. Violence ensues.

This is a pretty special piece of work especially as it was made on a budget of $700. It took eight months to complete. The animated characters and settings are all rendered well. The characters are especially interesting. Not one of the charaters are what you would call attractive but all are unique and inventive.Through their expressions and movements they tell the story in a dramatic way. The backgrounds look amazing with some very nice detail work from scratches on the briefcase to pieces of shattered stone from a fight scene. The visuals are one thing but what really makes the film stand up is the story itself. There is not a single word of dialogue. The whole tale is told through the visuals and the quite superb sound design. It plays a little like a Tarantino  film with the briefcase MacGuffin, the martial arts fight scene, the hoodlums and the tense shoot out.  As befits a short film not a single moment is wasted. The ‘camera’ moves around the shots in a variety of inventive ways showcasing the animation and keeping the viewer interested and entertained.  The director Tomas Vargara,  music and effects wizard Jay Taylor  and Character animator Mauricio Galvez all have bright futures if The Chase is anything to go by.

A good movie that puts some major films to shame with its ideas and execution. A very good way to spend thirteen minutes

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