Nazis at the centre of the earth

For every action is an opposite and equal reaction. One of Newtons laws of Physics which can be equally applied to successful films. For every hit film there seems to be a low budget rip off hitting the straight to DVD market. With the success of the Nazis on the moon film Iron Sky a low budget film quickly followed. Rather than another Space Aryan movie we are presented with Nazis below us in the form of the film Nazis at the centre of the Earth.

The story as it is starts in Antarctica. Staff from a research station are out on the ice gathering samples. They come across a strange metal shape just under the ice. Before they get the chance to investigate they are abducted by shadowy figures who appear from nowhere. As their disappearance becomes apparent to the rest of the research staff back at base a search is organised. The leader of the team Dr Adrian Reistad, a suspiciously shifty blond haired man,  is reluctant to allow an expedition to find his colleagues. After some persuasion a team sets out to the last known location of the missing staff. what the y find is an entrance to a cave which leads downwards. They emerge into a tropical environment. The shadowy figures who inhabit the place turn out to be Nazis who went into hiding at the end of the second world war. Lead by the White Angel, Dr Josef Mengele, the Nazis have an agenda and an important need for the researchers.

I find it hard to describe just how bad this film is. Everything about it is poor and very disappointing. The title is mis-leading It should be named Nazis about seventy feet below the ground.  The film looks terrible. There has been little thought put into the production values with most of the effects budget going on the final climactic scene. Even that is badly done. Now I know these films have limited budgets but a bit of creativity and skill goes a long way. You only have to look at a film such as Monsters which had a very small budget but still managed to look and feel like a much more expensive film. There is no real excuse for what is presented. The screenplay is similar in quality to the visuals. Little or no development of characters with most being standard cut out characters who you know exactly what is going to happen to them. The actors themselves look embarrassed to be speaking some of this rubbish. The scenes are stilted and often quite dull. This makes the relatively short eighty-nine minute run time drag.

I do of course realise that these types of films are rarely meant to be taken seriously. There is a place for throwaway films that are just there to entertain. This film does not even do that. It recycles old ideas poorly and is just boring. It must be totally dis-heartening to talented, hard-working film makers who struggle for years to get their films financed only to see money being pushed into this type of thing. Sad, very sad.

This is a badly put together, dull film. Avoid. The trailer is below. It is better than the film.

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