Enough is Enough?

With the release of another major blu ray re-release in the form of the fortieth anniversary  box set of The Godfather trilogy it seems like a good time to ask if there is a point at which it becomes unacceptable to re-purchase the same film. My better half would point out that this would be the case before the first purchase. If you can see it on the TV, why would you want to own it? Not an argument you can really win.
As a movie buyer for over a quarter of a century I have double and even treble dipped on some releases. Blade runner springs to mind with two VHS versions (regular and directors cut), DVD of the Directors cut and the Ultimate collection DVD with so many versions of the movie that even Ridley Scott got fed up watching them. I obviously like the film but does it warrant multiple purchases. In this case yes as I bought the Blu ray for only a few pounds  and with the improved picture quality it takes the enjoyment to a new level. This is obviously an exceptional case but in general is it worth the bother.

I think it is prudent to pick and choose what is doubled up. Following simple rules like is it worth it?, would I watch it? and is it really a classic worthy of re-buying? Is a start. If the answer is yes to all of the questions then go for it. If not leave it son, it’s not worth the hassle even if it is a bargain.

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