Ender’s Game

The first trailer for the forthcoming Sci-Fi adventure Ender’s Game has just been released to the world in a blitz of fanfare and exclusives. Four days before the trailer was released as a world premiere to google+ (remember this is for a trailer!) a one minute trailer announcement video featuring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield hit the internet.

Enders’ game is based on the best selling book by Orson Scott Card. The basic premise is that Earth is under grave threat from an insect like alien race (again). In order to defeat them it has been decided to train a new breed of soldier to lead the conflict. Ender, a young boy, is one of those chosen for his exceptional mind.

From Summit entertainment and Lionsgate, who between them have produced the Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games trilogy, comes a film that could easily have been called Twilight Troopers (© Thomas Simpson 2013) based on the action sequences we see from the trailer.

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