Just when you thought you thought that Vin Diesel was having a quiet year with only one franchise movie being released, along comes the trailer for the new Riddick film.

It’s been nine years since the opinion dividing Chronicles of Riddick hit the big screen and the follow up finds our light sensitive hero marooned on a sun bleached world fighting the elements to survive. Onto this rock comes a group of mercenaries looking to capture Riddick for their own unexplained ends.

Thematically and visually Riddick is a lot closer to Pitch Black than the second installment. It looks dark, gritty and intense. Well as intense as you can get in a cheesy sci-fi film. Alongside Diesel the film features the impressive acting talents of Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban.

A Vin-tage (sorry) year continues on 6th September

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