Machete Kills

Starting off as mock trailer featured in the Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse film Planet Terror, the character of Machete has shown a good deal of staying power.  A real feature was produced in 2010 and was successful enough to green light a sequel.

The film centres on Machete being hired by the US authorities to take out a Mexican arms dealer who is threatening to launch a weapon into space.

This can be classified under if it ain’t broke. Along with Danny Trejo reprising the main role we have a star-studded cast fighting, shooting and blowing stuff up for perhaps a very good reason. In a nice piece of casting we will see Mel Gibson appearing as the main bad guy. A point to note is that Machete Kills is the debut film performance for meat dress superstar Lady Gaga.

Machete Kills is hacks its way on to the screen on 13th September.

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