Anchorman: The Legend Continues

Due to popular demand by the entire world, we are going to be blessed with another installment of the phenomenon that is Ron Burgundy. The Seventies may be over for San Diego’s number one news crew but they are still in demand. Headhunted to front a new twenty four hour news channel, Ron and the boys are back on top.

Alongside the returning cast we have a raft of top notch performers in staring and supporting roles. Kristen Wiig has been drafted in to provide the love interest for weatherman Brick. In other roles we can look forward to appearances from Nicole Kidman, Harrison Ford and Kirsten Dunst.

The newly released trailer does its job splendidly providing a couple of laugh out loud moments and a lot of anticipation. The humour has not changed one bit. It is no more mature than the first film and its all the better for it. Still Classy.

Anchorman: The Legend continues is released to the wild on 20th December

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