With the ending of the Starz series Spartacus there is a gap in the market for an Ancient Roman era sword and sandals drama. Hoping to fill this void next year are two major cinema epics. The first 300: Rise of an Empire is out in March and has been previewed here. The other more recently announced film is the recreation of the natural disaster that was Pompeii.

Set against the backdrop of the last days of the doomed city, a tale unfolds of a man trying to get to Pompeii to save his friend and the love of his life. The cast includes Emily Browning, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jared Harris, Kit Harrington and Keifer Sutherland.From the trailer it looks like a cross between Gladiator for the action, Titanic for the love story and Volcano for the er… Volcano.

This is the latest feature from the director PAul WS Anderson. He has a solid fan base that love anything that he does as it usually has a good deal of mindless action. Best known for Resident Evil (and one of the sequels) and the fantastic space set horror film Event Horizon. Unfortunately he was also in charge for Aliens Vs Predator which did its best to try to kill off two franchises in less than ninety minutes.

Pompeii is released on 28th February 2014

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