In advance if its release the main trailer for the George Clooney space drama has been released. The plot of the film follows the plight of an engineer and an astronaut after an accident on their space station leaves them battling for their lives. The trailer, following up the teaser trailer in May, is nothing short of breathtaking. It is what can be regarded as a perfect advert for the film. In two minutes it ramps up the tension and sets the life and death  stakes for both characters.

The film with its setting above the Earth looks spectacular. Full use of the vastness of space and the claustrophobic nature of working in a cramped environment is conveyed with style. The film debuted to almost universal praise at the Venice film festival in August.  Much was made of the quality of Sandra Bullock’s performance in particular.

Gravity is released in the US on 4th of October and the UK on the 8th of November.

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