Jurassic Park 4 becomes Jurassic World

It was announced today by Universal Pictures that the much delayed fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise has been granted a release date of June 12th 2015. In addition the film has been given the title of Jurassic World. The 12th June slot was handed to the film after script delays to the next Pirates of the Caribbean film (insert your own joke here!) meant that the June date was freed up.

Various plot details including the introduction of gun-toting dino-Human hybrids fighting off a dinosaur invasion of North America have been circulating for months. The Director, Colin Trevorrow, has advised that these reports should not be given much credence. The facts confirmed are that the film will once again be set on Isla Nublar and there will be at least one new dinosaur introduced to the action. Reports of Ben Affleck being cast as a prehistoric bat like creature may prove to be untrue.

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