On The Job

A film premiered in Cannes and due for release in the USA is the gritty crime drama On the Job.  Set and shot in the Philippines the drama centres around the fortunes of four men as they do what they must in order to survive and to provide for their families. We have inmates who are hired as contract killers on a sort of day release from prison and countering that the Police officers tasked with solving a series of very similar murders.

The film received a positive critical response after its debut leading to a distribution deal in the US.  Even before the film is released an American remake is being helmed by director Baltasar, the Icelandic director best known for his association with Mark Wahlberg on the films Contraband and 2 Guns. In addition to this a Philippines based sequel has also been announced.

On the Job is released in the US on 27th of September

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