endtrip 1 The visualisation of an overdose is something that has been portrayed a number of times on the cinema screen. One of the most memorable for me was the scene in trainspotting where Renton sinks into the floor as he has one hit too many. It is a difficult idea to pull off successfully as the film maker can only use the tools at hand, their imagination and experiences primary among them. 

Endtrip takes us into the world of a girl who is experiencing a drug overdose. Barely aware of her surroundings to begin with she soon lapses into a weird an all enveloping world of her subconscious. What we get is a journey through her mind and what it is making of her predicament.

The CGI environments created to replicate the trip are absolutely stunning. It is indeed a journey as the ‘camera’ is pulled back initially along a tunnel from the eyelids directly into the mind. The brain, the heart and the body are all depicted in various ways as well as representations of what is going on in the real world in the form of surgically gloved hands.

This is a well thought out and creatively rendered film from the creators Koen de Mol, Olivier Ballast, Rick Franssen. The story line is well developed and it is impressive how the visuals are married up with the very fitting and  haunting soundscapes.

Overall a surreal and engaging spectacle for the the senses. Recommended.

Below You can find the film and links to the film makers on Vimeo. If you enjoyed the film please let the film makers know.


Endtrip from Endtrip on Vimeo.

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