Pacific Rim visual effects featurette

The key to a successful summer blockbuster in part lies in the authenticity of the visual effects that are presented on screen. Audiences today have come to expect the images presented on screen to look and feel real. It doesn’t take much for a film to lose its appeal if the effects that are there to reinforce the story are not up to the high standard demanded. We as an audience expect the very best and in the success or failure of a multi-million dollar film can come down to good or bad reviews and feedback.

Sometimes we take for granted what is presented to us on the screen. It takes a reminder to show just how much effort is involved in creating that final product. Rodeo FX have produced a short video detailing some of the work they did for the Guillermo Del Toro ¬†feature Pacific Rim. The featurette gives a brief insight into the hard work and the artistic skills that are need in connecting reality with fantasy. It isn’t stated enough, these people are artists and deserve as much praise and attention as some of the more celebrated aspects of the film making process.

You can view the video below. If you like what you see please contact the team on their Vimeo page

Pacific Rim – VFX Breakdown from Rodeo FX on Vimeo.

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