New Releases for November

November marks the first full month where the award contenders come out to play.  several ‘worthy’ films get their release in the hope of Early buzz giving them momentum towards the start of next year.  In among them we get a few blockbusters and some of the more interesting fare that was unable to find a slot in the busy summer schedule.


One of the first genuine awards contenders, Philomena,  is released on the first of November. The film tells the true story of a woman’s search for the child that was taken from her when she was a convent girl in nineteen fifties Ireland. dame Judi Dench stars in the title role and is supported by Steve Coogan as an investigative journalist who reluctantly decides to cover her story, only to be sucked in as the whiff of a scandal appears.

Thor: The Dark World

thor 2 featuredPhase two of the Avengers continues apace. Thor returns for a second stand alone film after the success of his first outing and his involvement in the Avengers Assemble smash hit of last year. The plot revolves around a dark force that is threatening life on Earth and Natalie Portman in particular. Thor has to turn to his imprisoned brother Loki in a bid to save the day. The Avengers franchise shows no sign of dropping in quality any time soon. Thor is released on the First of November. The trailer can be found here



George ClooneyThe film that has been getting superb notices from its appearances at film festivals this year finally hits the UK screens on the Eighth of November. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are two astronauts caught in a life threatening situation when their space shuttle is involved in an accident. The previews look spectacular and the film is being touted as a visual masterpiece. Our review of Gravity can be found here


The Butler

Lee Daniels follow-up to The Paperboy is in theaters on the fifteenth of November. The film follows the life of Cecil Gaines who acted as a butler to eight US presidents during the twentieth century. The film centres on Cecil’s own family issues while in his professional capacity he is an inside viewer to some of the great changes to American society as the Civil rights movement grows in strength. This is another film that you will be hearing a lot more of in the coming months as its subject and tone make it prime awards fodder.

The Counsellor

the counselor featuredThe film tells the tale of a Lawyer (Michael Fassbender) as he gets in way over his head as he becomes involved in drug trafficking. Starring alongside we have a stellar cast including Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz and one of moviescramble’s favourites Penelope Cruz. The film marks the first time that an original screen play by Cormac McCarthy has been brought to the screen. Check out the trailer here prior to its release on the fifteenth of November.


Dom Hemingway

From Richard Shepard, the director of moviescramble favourite The Matador, comes a tale of revenge. Dom Hemingway (Jude Law) is a safe cracker who has spent the last twelve years in prison after keeping quiet about his accomplices on a job. Now he is out and is looking for what is owed to him. Demian Bichir and Richard E. Grant star alongside Jude Law in what looks like a violent, and twisted thriller.

Don Jon

don jon featuredIn an unusual subject for a debut directorial feature, Joseph Gordon-Levitt bring us the tale of a man who is trying to replace the ‘pleasure’ he gets from online porn with a relationship with an actual person. Problems occur when the two areas of his interest come into conflict.  Don Jon makes a splash on the fifteenth of November. The trailer can be seen here



Hunger games: Catching Fire

catching fireThe highly anticipated second installment in the Hunger Games franchise will released on the twenty-first of November.  Jennifer Lawrence and Co. are back in the continuing adventures of Katniss Everdeen after the events of the seventy-fourth Hunger Games. Expect bigger and bolder storytelling as the movie studio attempts to turn a trilogy of books into a four film series.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

blueAfter winning the Palme D’or at  this year’s Cannes film festival the UK finally gets to see Blue is the warmest colour on November the twenty-second. The film has attracted a certain amount of controversy due to its same-sex relationship subject matter. The fact that the director and his two stars have had a very public falling out will do the prospects of the film no harm whatsoever.




carrie featuredRemake of beloved properties tend to split audiences. For everyone looking forward to a re-imagining there is another moaning about how the film makers cannot possibly recreate the magic of the original. The Carrie remake actually looks pretty god judging by the trailer. Chloe Grace Moretz takes on the title role in what looks like a real blood fest.



Saving Mr Banks

Rounding off the month is Saving Mr Banks. The film tells the truish story of the fight that Walt Disney had in acquiring the rights to the Mary Poppins book. The writer PL Travers, played by Emma Thompson, resisted all offers until she was financially required to sign it over. Even then she fought to keep the story true to her own vision. Tom Hanks stars as Walt Disney in a film that is released on the Twenty Eighth of November.

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