More Cake, Jason ?

It has been announced that there will be a sequel to the 2004 cult hit Layer Cake.  Jason Statham’s production company has obtained the rights to the book and the Stath will appear in the un-named lead role. The sequel, Viva La Madness,  will have a  screenplay courtesy of the author. The story is set in Venezuela where the former drug dealer is trying to resist his right hand man’s advances over a return to the streets of London.   

The first film was notable for several reasons. It was the directorial debut of Matthew Vaughn later to go to helm Kick Ass and X-Men:First Class. It also marked the point at which Daniel Craig lived up to his billing as the next big thing. His role in Layer cake led directly to him getting the job as James Bond. It also features the best use of a Duran Duran song in a movie ever.No news as yet of an attached director or probable release date.

In case you missed the first film here is a taster.

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