The Raid 2 new trailer

After the initial teaser The Raid 2 gets a full trailer release. The story takes place soon after the events of the first film and expands the action from the tower block of The Raid. One of the appealing aspects of the first film was the claustrophobic feel of the action and the tension caused by the police finding themselves locked into a relatively confined space. I suppose it would have been disappointing to see a mere re-hash of the original and the impact would have been lessened because of it. 

The action takes in the whole city this time with a number of new characters being introduced. The action is fast, exciting and totally full on and looks to have been ramped up  for the sequel. Instead of just straight up fights there are car chases and battles that use the entirety of their locations to create an enticing spectacle.

The Raid 2 is released on the 11th of April.


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