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The Veronica Mars movie has seen some very clever marketing before a single frame of footage was shot. A highly publicised crowd funding campaign on kickstarter raised over $5.7 million which persuaded Warner Bros Studios, who own the rights, that a movie of the cult TV show would be a viable and possibly profitable product. To keep the buzz going several behind the scenes features and a trailer giving a flavour of the plot was produced.

With just over a week until the cinema release the studio’s publicity department has done it’s job again with the online release of the first three minutes of the film. This works effectively in a couple of ways. On one level it acts like an additional trailer for the film. On another level, detail from the first three minutes is in fact a used as a catch up so the audience, fans or not, will be able to get up to speed with Veronica’s back story. Very slick as nothing is given away plot wise and a bit of a bonus for the fans of the series and its star Kristen Bell.

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