Trailer king Hal Douglas RIP

Legendary trailer voice over artist Hal Douglas has died after a long battle with Cancer.

You could be forgiven for not recalling the name but once you hear the voice it will be instantly recognisable. Along with two others he was the voice of so many Hollywood blockbusters from the nineteen eighties onwards. He was the voice of films such as Forrest Gump, Lethal Weapon, Con Air and countless others.

At one time it was estimated that it was his voice on three out of every four trailers that you saw in the cinema. He is widely acknowledged with coining the phrase “In A World..” that begin so many of our favourite movies. Hal was seen on-screen a few times. Most notably for the trailer of the Jerry Seinfeld movie The Comedian where he was brought in to make a trailer for the film with disastrous results. It is the funniest thing you will see today.


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