Dracula Untold

dracula-untold-1If it worked for Frankenstein then why not Dracula? Off the back of the recent Aaron Eckhart monster action movie I, Frankenstein we are presented with the first trailer for the forthcoming battling vampire drama Dracula Untold. The film delves into the back story of the once human Count moving on to the motivations and circumstances that lead him to abandon his faith and seek a much darker path.

The idea of a Dracula origin story has been kicking about in development for a number of years and it is the hope of the studio that a successful first film will lead to a number of sequels. The responsibility for bringing it to the screen has been placed with first time director Gary Shore. The trailer has the same look and feel as the Underworld series and is particularly heavy on CGI.  The action scenes are bold and energetic as is the standard these days. I cannot help but ask if this is in an a too familiar ploy to mask the inadequacies of the plot and character development. Hopefully the trailer does not feature all the best scenes from the film, as is the norm these days.  In the title role of the Count is Luke Evans who is best known for his roles in Fast & Furious 6 and the last installment of The Hobbit Franchise. Support comes in the form of Charles Dance, Dominic Cooper and Sarah Gadon.

Dracula Untold is released on the third of October 2014.

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