Under Milk Wood – Trailer

under-milk-wood.rhys-ifansPublished online Just ahead of its cinema release is the trailer for Under Milk Wood. The film is only the second big screen version of the Dylan Thomas drama that was originally conceived as a radio drama. The film follows a day in the life of a small fishing village in Wales. The audience are invited into the innermost thoughts of its inhabitants through the omniscient narrator.

The film is directed by Kevin Allen. Leading the cast is Rhys Ifans and Charlotte Church. In a clever bit of promotion the film was taken on tour to various festivals this summer as Under Milk Wood: Caravan of Love. There are two versions of the film. One in English and the other in Welsh. The latter has been chosen as the British entry for the film not in the English language at the 2016 Oscars.

Under Milk Wood is out in UK cinemas on the 30th of October.

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