Captain America: Civil War

civil-war-captain-americaThis is the one I have been waiting for. The first trailer for the forthcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War has just been released and it is everything that you could possibly hope for.

The Avengers are in crisis. After an operation sustains collateral damage, the Avengers are called to account with stricter controls placed on their actions. As part of this the superhero registration act is introduced. This divides the team with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) and Captain America (Chris Evans) on opposite sides.

The trailer is classic Marvel in that it shows just enough to get you excited without giving a whole lot away. The main elements include appearances by Bucky, Cap, Falcon and Iron Man. There is also a tantalising look at Black Panther. As well as the usual stars, the film will feature Daniel Bruhl, William Hurt, Chadwick Boseman and the first screen appearance of Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

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