Scream Park

Scream-Park-1You have to wonder sometimes about people’s motivations. There is a well established path for film makers who have designs on making it in the business. Ideally to get off the ground their best bet is a low budget film that will showcase their talent and style. Unfortunately, for all involved in Scream Park, this is no the movie that will propel them forward.

Fright Land, an old horror based theme park has fallen on hard times. It is getting ready to close for the last time. The staff decide to have a bit of a party to celebrate the closing. What they don’t know is that there is a couple of mysterious characters who have snuck into the park and are intent on killing every one of them.

This was dreadful. It was bad but not so bad that it was enjoyable. There is so much wrong with the film and no one aspect of it could be described as even average. Having a micro budget ($40,000 in this case) should be no obstacle to actually making a decent movie. It needs to start with a good idea and a solid story. Scream Park has neither. The subject has been tackled so many times before and a lot better on several occasions. The story is clichéd and has no depth to it.

scream-park-3The characters are all two-dimensional cut outs and you know exactly what is going to happen and in what order. There is a black character so obviously he is going to go first. The sex mad couple? yup you guessed it. It is all so predictable and dull. The film is at pains to point out that the lead character is a virgin who is thinking of losing it that very night.

The acting is uniformly poor. Part of this is down to the lines they are given, part to the lack of direction they received and the rest is down to the performances. Thee is not one actor who comes out of this with any credit.

The writer / director has to take most of the blame for the poor quality of the finished product. The scenes are poorly put together and show little in the way of imagination. Instead of trying something a bit different, the set up and execution are a mish mash of elements from other, far superior movies. Even then they are not that well done.

Overall, a movie to avoid.


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