Launch Of The New Voices Award For Filmmakers

piapressureAward winning filmmaker Pia Getty’s passion for supporting the next generation of creative and filmmaking talent has led to her founding PiaPressure, a TV and film production company that puts emerging talent and new voices at the heart of its slate in order to make the most exciting, poignant and above all original films possible.

PiaPressure are proud to announce the official launch of the New Voices Award, a prize for new and up and coming filmmakers, with an emphasis on female filmmakers, under represented filmmakers, and original voices. An award of up to £5,000 is available to help new filmmakers on their project. Applications for The New Voices Award are for first time filmmakers and those with less experience, with the aim of giving a voice to a view that is seldom heard.

In support of this award, PiaPressure will host a month long residency of weekly filmmaking master classes presented by rising stars from the Film and TV world. Hosted at the Hospital Club, and in partnership with the H-Club foundation, these free-to-attend classes will run from June 18th-July 9th and are a great chance for aspiring filmmakers to gain valuable experience and insight and build their networks.  To find out more, and to sign up to attend, visit

 Filmmakers who have already demonstrated a high quality of work in their respective field but are looking for support on their next project, are able to apply for the PiaPressure award to receive up to £25,000 investor funding. Debs Paterson, director of Africa United, was recently the recipient of the first PiaPressure award.

Applicants can apply here for the New Voices Award and the PiaPressure Award:

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