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two-women-1Vera Glagoleva’s Two Women, starring Ralph Fiennes, adapted from Turgenev’s play “A Month in the Country”, will open on 16th September across the UK through MGR Films.

The setting is the Islaev country estate, Russia in the 1840s. Beautiful and headstrong Natalya Petrovna is married to Arkadi Islaev, a rich landowner seven years her senior. Bored with life, she welcomes the attentions of Islaev’s visiting friend and her devoted admirer, Mikhail Rakitin (Ralph Fiennes), without ever letting their friendship develop into a love affair.

The arrival of a handsome tutor, 21-year-old student Aleksei Belyaev, ends her boredom. Aleksei injects a new, vibrant energy into the refined and staid life of the home. Natalya falls hopelessly in love with him, but so does Vera, the Islaevs’ 17-year-old foster daughter. Love wreaks havoc as Natalya concocts a cunning plan to rid herself of her rival no matter the cost and this once affectionate group will never be the same again.

Directed by Vera Glagoleva, from an adaptation by Svetlana Grudovich and Olga Pogodina, the film stars Academy Award Nominated and Bafta Award winning actor Ralph Fiennes alongside Anna Astrakhantseva, Sylvie Testud and Aleksandr Baluev. Two Women had its World Premiere at the 2015 Shanghai International Film Festival.


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