Midnight Cowboy – 4K Restoration Trailer

To mark its fiftieth anniversary, Midnight Cowboy has received a nice 4K restoration and will be back in UK cinemas for a limited run in September. For the release there is a brand new BFI hosted trailer released. Winner of a slew of awards at the 1969 Academy Awards (including Best Picture and Best Director), John Schlesinger’s landmark film is a gritty yet warm story of an affectionate friendship between two drifters (Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman).

The film came out at a time when Hollywood was radically changing. The studio system has all but gone and the rise of a new breed of directors was in full swing. The film was seen as being quite controversial at the time with Voight’s character, Joe Buck, goal in life to become a high paid male prostitute in New York. It all have been so different if Elvis Presley followed up his initial interest in the Joe Buck Role, but only if the seedier aspects of the character were down played.The role of Rizzo cemented Dustin Hoffman as one of the best actors of his generation and provided one of the most memorable lines in cinema as he is almost hit by a taxi cab on the streets of New York City.

You can catch Midnight Cowboy in UK cinemas from the 13th of September.


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