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Verve Pictures have announced the UK cinema release of Scott Graham’s Run, a compelling and thrilling portrayal of how teenage dreams are hard to leave behind when you missed your chance to hit the road and run.  Starring Mark Stanley, Amy Manson, Marli Sui and Anders Hayward, Run premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2019, followed by the BFI London Film Festival and will premiere in Scotland on 1 March at the Glasgow Film Festival and be released in cinemas nationwide on 13 March. Steeped in the mythos of Bruce Springsteen songs about growing up and growing old in the same small town, RUN follows former ‘boy racer’ Finnie (Mark Stanley), who’s failure to leave the small Scottish fishing port he calls home is brought into sharp relief when his teenage son starts to follow in his footsteps.

Run is the last of three films written and directed by award-winning Scottish filmmaker Scott Graham, following on from Shell and Iona, which focus on the conflict between a parent and child and the place they call home.  His new film expresses the hope that can be found in the ties that bind you to your family and your community.  Scott explains, “With this film I have tried to re-imagine Springsteen’s songs about families who can’t communicate and history repeating itself as something ultimately uplifting. I wanted to show that these themes, expressed so well in American music, literature and film, are as much a part of life in the North East of Scotland as they are the American Mid-west and because some of the men and women who married as teenagers are still together.  Run is a film that celebrates falling in love in your teens, even if it means you never leave your hometown.”

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