Lycanthropy – Trailer

Alexander Black’s Lycanthropy touches on child abuse, a subject that is sadly more prevalent during the Coronavirus lockdown. This British crime drama has already won multiple awards and has been selected for over thirty high profile international film festivals.  The film follows two detectives the troubled Mark Kessler and his partner John Mills, as they search for a missing girl in a suspected case of child abduction. When the case comes to standstill, Kessler decides to take matters into his own hands.

Alexander Black works as a Director/Writer and Creative Producer in London. He was born in Germany, to Romanian parents, giving Alex the chance to experience various cultures. His focus is on telling stories with a broad appeal that has an underlying commentary about our society. Black is currently developing his first feature film “New Washington”. He has worked for VICE, The Economist, Google, and several production companies.  The stunning cinematography was created by Kurt Riddell and the music by Rob Northcott.

Lycanthropy’s upcoming festivals include Sarasota Film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival, Romford Film Festival, and the Russian International Horror Awards.

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