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Coming soon is the Raw and compelling documentary All I Can Say. It offers a  low-fi tour of the 90s music scene through the eyes of iconic rock star Shannon Hoon, as his band Blind Melon rides the wave of alt-rock superstardom. Assembled by directors Taryn Gould, Colleen Hennessy and renowned music photographer Danny Clinch, who shot Blind Melon at the time of their meteoric rise in the wake of their breakthrough single ‘No Rain’, the film captures everything from Shannon’s early work recording backing vocals for Guns N’ Roses, to such key cultural moments as the 1992 LA riots and the death of Kurt Cobain. All I Can Say is an extraordinary and revealing look at 90s culture, fashion and music and the heartbreaking story of a talented rock star whose life was tragically cut short.

Shannon Hoon, lead singer of the rock band Blind Melon, filmed himself religiously from 1990-1995 with a video camera, recording up until a few hours before his sudden death at the age of twenty-eight. His camera was a diary and his closest confidant. In the hundreds of hours of footage, Hoon meticulously documented his life – his family, his creative process, his television, his band’s rise to fame, and his struggle with addiction. He filmed his daughter’s birth and archived the politics and culture of the 90s, an era right before the internet changed the world. Created solely with his own footage, voice, and music, this rare autobiography is a prescient exploration of experience and memory in the age of video. It is also Hoon’s last work, completed twenty-three years after his death.

All I Can Say will be in select cinemas on the 8th of April with special Doc n’ Roll Festival preview screenings in cinemas across the UK on the 30th & 31st of March.

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