Altered Reality – Preview

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where reality bends, secrets lurk in the shadows, and the line between good and evil blurs. K Street Pictures’ supernatural thriller Altered Reality, directed by Don E FauntLeRoy, stars genre superstars Tobin Bell and Lance Henriksen, with Charles Agron and the late Edward Asner.

When Oliver Cook (Charles Agron) visits Spring Manor, a mysterious caretaker named Jack (Lance Henriksen) makes an impossible request, but Oliver refuses. Jack disappears, leaving behind a miraculous drug that has yet to be discovered. Oliver manufactures the pills with the help of a new business partner (Tobin Bell), becoming wealthy in the process. However, his newly found fortune is short-lived when his daughter disappears without a trace. Beyond devastation, Oliver wants his old life back, but this deal with the devil has a no-return policy. Or does it? This gripping supernatural thriller explores greed, family, and redemption, keeping you guessing until the end.

The film also stars Alyona Khmara, Krista Dane Hoffman, and Kayla Adams. “Altered Reality” is written and produced by Agron, produced by Armand Gazarian and will be released exclusively in U.S. theatres on the 16th of February.

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