The Wages Of Fear – Preview

Based on the 1950 French novel Le Salaire de la peur and critically hailed upon its original release, The Wages Of Fear propelled its director, Henri-Georges Clouzot (Les Diaboliques), to international fame and is rightly considered a classic of world cinema. After its BFI Blu-ray/DVD release in 2017, the BFI is now able to release the film on UHD Blu-ray with two new special features including a 15-minute video essay.

In a squalid Latin American village, four desperate men are hired by an American oil company to embark on a treacherous journey, transporting a lethal cargo of nitroglycerine to a massive oil well fire. Friendships and courage are pushed to the limit in this nail-biting thriller by a filmmaker dubbed “the French Hitchcock”.

The film is released on UHD Blu-ray, iTunes and Amazon Prime on the 19th of February.

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