Ibiza Undead

The imagination of horror film makers knows no bounds. Just when you think the zombie genre has been taken as far as it can go, another enterprising soul comes along to add a further layer to the already overcrowded history of the undead. In Ibiza Undead, it is all in the name. Sun, sea and the zombie plague.

There has been a zombie plague across the globe. The magnitude appears to be very limited as reports are sporadic. Certain places like Ibiza are declared infection free so people are able to travel there for their usual holiday fun. In fact, this is not the whole truth as Club Undead is in the business of importing the Undead as an attraction. Having recently lost a shipment of cargo the boss of the club is unhappy. What he doesn’t realise is that the lost zombies have not been lost at sea but are now walking on to the shore looking for food. A group of holiday makers get caught up in the ensuing carnage and have to find a way off the island without getting bitten.

This is very much played for laughs. The premise is absurd to begin with and the film makers are aiming for the viewer who just wants to enjoy a good time while checking their brains at the door. In this respect, it succeeds. The main characters are just stereotypes. The overly confident one, the daft one and the relatively shy one are all types we have seen before. They are all instantly unlikable, which is the purpose. The audience is not supposed to sympathise with them and the point is to see who actually survives until the end. Each of them has really stupid dialogue which again can be forgiven as it is in keeping with the character traits.

The film was made on a limited budget and unfortunately it shows. Care and attention to the zombies was the priority and in this respect, it is all good. The make up, styling and direction of the mob is consistent and realistic (for zombies of course). Elsewhere the limits show with very few locations used on what is regarded as a superb party island. The special effects are really nothing to be proud of these days. They look out-of-place and poorly rendered which is a bit of a shame.

If you are in the mood for a daft zombie flick on a Friday night, then this could be the one for you.

Ibiza Undead is out now on DVD and VOD.

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