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Batman Begins

Contains spoilers.

Batman-Begins-christian-bale-cliian-murphyReboot is a nice way of saying remake. Reimagining is pretending that your film isn’t a remake. It might be difficult to believe now but when it was announced that Warner Brothers would be resurrecting the Batman franchise, there was some opposition to the choice of director. Despite being an acclaimed filmmaker, Christopher Nolan was still relatively unknown to a mainstream audience. The cast was impressive however there were some niggling questions. Did we need an origin story for such a well known character? What the hell happened to the Batmobile and what’s this about Batman hardly featuring?

Fans of the Dark Knight will be familiar with why Bruce Wayne wears a mask. Batman Begins managed to keep this fresh by focusing on the “lost” years. Much like Jesus, what happened to Bruce Wayne between childhood and becoming an adult?

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 final trailer

amazing-spider-man-2Ahead of its debut at the cinema next month, Sony Pictures have released the final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The trailer provides a bit more in terms of plot details and snippets from the action scenes. From this and the previous trailers, it can be seen that Marc Webb and company have upped the stakes for the web slinger. Everything on show is bolder, faster and more action packed. Here’s hoping very much that the film isn’t spoiled too much by the desire of the trailer makers to get as many people talking about the film. Continue reading “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 final trailer” »

Captain America featurette: Meet Falcon

falcon-captain-america-winter-soldierIn the ongoing publicity blitz for the new Marvel Studios movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, another behind the scenes featurette has been released. This one focuses primarily on the supporting character of Falcon. Actor Anthony Mackie plays the part of Sam Wilson, the alter ego of the super hero Falcon. Continue reading “Captain America featurette: Meet Falcon” »

Meet Black Widow

Black-Widow-artworkMarvel UK has released a nice featurette which focusses on the character of Black Widow. Up until now the character as portrayed by Scarlett Johansson has taken a secondary role in the building of the Avengers universe. Now with phase two well under way the character is being developed more with a view to at some point give her a standalone movie. Continue reading “Meet Black Widow” »

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

guardians-of-the-galaxy-comic-artThe first full trailer for the new Marvel studios property, Guardians of the Galaxy has been released online to mixed reactions. It seems that some were expecting a trailer that would delve into the film with a bit of plot explanation and some kick ass action. Instead the trailer has taken the approach that the audience may not know anything about the property in advance. Continue reading “Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer” »

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer

Released to the world is the first trailer for the forthcoming superhero movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The film picks up immediately after the events of the 2012 film with Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) still very much a couple. The responsibility of being the saviour of the city is weighing heavily on him and he fears for the day when his powers are not enough to save the day.

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Wonder Woman casting finalised

gal-gadot-3After several weeks of speculation, Warner Brothers studios and director Zack Synder have cast the part of Wonder Woman in the forthcoming Man of Steel sequel. Actor Gal Gadot will take on the part in what will be the first big screen outing for the character. Wonder Woman was previously a successful TV series in the 1970′s. A recent TV reboot failed to get past the pilot phase. Continue reading “Wonder Woman casting finalised” »

Fox want a follow up to The Wolverine

KN NICKELODEON 2 KRT The box office success of  The Wolverine has set off little dollar signs in the eyes of the people at Twentieth Century Fox. The studio is currently in negotiations with director James Mangold and, Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman to return for a sequel to the X-Men spinoff. Not surprisingly there are no plot details to report on however it is understood Mangold will pen a treatment with someone else taking over script writing duties at a later date.

The Wolverine featured an after the credits stinger of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) therefore it’s likely the as yet untitled sequel will lead on from next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past – First Trailer

Hot of the heels of a very clever and exciting viral teaser comes the first proper footage of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Living in a nightmarish apocalyptic world, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) look to the past in order to save the future.
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer

Swiftly following on from the first poster and the sixty second clip aired on the Tonight show in the US, we have now been presented with a full length trailer for the forthcoming Captain America film, The Winter Soldier. The story revolves around Steve Rogers struggle to come to terms with life in the modern world. Here he teams up with Black Widow in order to tackle a shadowy figure known as the Winter Soldier. Continue reading “Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer” »